Project WET

Ecolab's partnership with the Project WET Foundation focuses on water conservation and the role that water plays in maintaining good health through proper hygiene.

Ecolab has committed a $1.5 million global sponsorship to the Project WET Foundation to reach more than two million people with water education by the end of 2017.


CleanandConserveedguide_small_CMYKThrough our partnership, Ecolab and Project WET Foundation have developed the Clean and Conserve Education Program, a suite of hands-on water education materials (print and digital) focused on making the world cleaner, safer and healthier while promoting local action and engaging educators of all kinds everywhere including our employee volunteers. 

Access the Clean and Conserve Education Program here. Download an informational flier about the complete Clean and Conserve educational materials. All materials are available at no charge and in multiple languages.

An additional online, free educational resource is also available at (currently available in English and Mandarin) where students can learn through interactive online experiences about the role of water in our lives.

As of the end of 2019, 8 million individuals have been reached through the Clean and Conserve Education Program, through materials and digital impressions, in 98 countries.

Help celebrate Global Handwashing Day and spread the news about good handwashing technique using this fun Project WET handwashing song


Ecolab and Project WET partner to conserve water and make the world healthier.

Ecolab volunteers teach about Healthy Personal Hygiene from the Clean and Conserve Education Program at Pitogo Elementary School in Makati City Metro Manila, Philippines.


In a St. Paul, Minnesota school, students use a blow-up globe in the Conserve Water activity of the Clean and Conserve Education Program to  investigate the percentage of land to water on Earth.

Ecolab volunteers from Shanghai visit BaiQuan Primary School in Chenzhou, Hunan province, China to teach about water conservation and healthy hygiene habits using the Ecolab & Project WET Clean and Conserve Education Program.
Ecolab Mexico’s Rafael Ornelas was featured in Project Wet's "Ask the Scientist" series. Ornelas discusses his thoughts on water, hygiene and sustainability as part of the ongoing blog series.

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